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‘‘Ble’’ café-bar-restaurant, Chania

‘‘Ble’’ café-bar-restaurant, Chania

The aim of this study is the transformation of an area located in a particular part of the city of Chania and functioned as a restaurant, a modern café/ bar. The location of the premise is located on the coastline of the city but the highest level of its entry allows uninterrupted views to the north and the sea.

The interventions started by the outer shell of the building that is for the most of its part a light wooden construction. In this section was housed the main space of the store while the other auxiliary (kitchen, wc) were settled in small, irregular blocks of reinforced concrete located on the west side of the area. Initially, there was consolidation of the surrounding area, the faces were painted according to the colors that prevail in the area while the windows were replaced with new so as to serve the needs of the space.

Inside the building were selected two base materials to form a specific identity. We used cement in gray tones for the floors and bathrooms and wood for making furniture. Benches and dining tables were designed individually and the surface was made from planks in various designs. Building planks were placed on the floor to define the main traffic route in the area. This pattern divides the space into two parts, so we chose to design the linear bar and benches in the south, leaving the north for lower tables of four and eight people. The blue color, which was given as the name of the store, is displayed both in furniture and in one of the main walls of the interior.

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