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Pharmacy in Old Town of Chania

Chania Pharmacy in Old Town of Chania

Our proposal concerns the creation of a new Pharmacy in the Old Town of Chania. The existing building is located in a busy neighborhood and is in direct connection with the Old Port of the City. It has a total area of 125m² and it is part of a corner building with a north-west orientation. In our architectural proposal we aim to design a mild and pleasant space that will be integrated into the morphology of the Old Town, even though its design will be contemporary, with some main features that compose its identity.

Our first concern is to direct the shop towards the street. For this reason, we form the first entrance section of the pharmacy as a semi- outdoor space, so that it can function as a meeting point and as a continuation of the pedestrians’ route. We even place an olive tree in the center of that space. This tree is also the starting point of the main axis running through the entire length of the store. Entrance doors have the capability of opening completely and they gradually introduce the visitors into the pharmacy area. At first the visitors meet the main axis, which is a counter where products are being displayed and sold. At both sides of this axis, corridors that distribute movement and shelves of products are designed, while at the end of the main counter, below the building’s skylight, indoor plants and aromatic herbs are placed. The second part of the shop is the area where medicines are sold and cashier’s desks are placed. They are designed in a similar way with the main counter but perpendicular to the main movement, so that they can be visible from the whole space of the store.



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