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Emprosneros Municipal Theater

Emprosneros Municipal Theater

This public premise was constructed in the traditional area of Emprosnero in Chania, a unique village of dominant Cretan architecture while appearing slightly Venetian elements.

It is an open air theater of about 500 people capacity and is converted to the primary cultural area of the region. Its purpose is not only to host theater performances, concerts and social events but also to be visited throughout the year as an open outdoor area of routes.

With the assistance of local residents and the municipality, the theater “Kremastos” was built inside a historic path of the village, which includes a historic fountain. The pinpointing was chosen to highlight the path and to preserve as many elements, to remain unaltered natural terrain and to enhance local vegetation that surrounds it.

Τhe design of the theater and the choice of materials had as main objective the creation of a proper acoustic within the space. The material used is the local stone, located in various buildings and paving techniques. Thus, having set the correct orientation of the main axes of theater’s plan, then were designed the appropriate accesses, utility rooms and locker rooms. Finally, in the south area of the theater and at a high level was built a small cafeteria with outdoor space opened to the wider landscape.



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