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"mama mou" café-bar in Chania

“mama mou” café-bar in Chania

This project deals with the reformation of a shop situated in a central spot of Chania town and its aim is to transform it into a café – snack bar. Even if the existing building is already in a good condition, we re-design, improve and modernize it in a way that it can satisfy the needs of the new use.

At first we study the movements inside and outside the shop, so that we can create an easy and comfortable access as well as a functional circulation. Its long shape gives us the idea of designing a central linear counter where the required equipment is placed and which also serves the costumers as it covers the whole length of the shop. The above formation is completed by “opening” the two vertical parts of the shop window (its corner) by the use of folding glass doors. The third part is reformed with wooden casings as a sitting area, with the construction of a wooden stand with stools that is used both from the outside and the inside. Some more seats for the visitors are placed above the central counter using stools and also using tables with chairs inside and outside, on the pavements of the streets. The improvement of shade and comfort conditions is realized by placing some small trees in pots and by the use of tents on both sides. The utilization of the upper floor of the shop is made through re-designing it, suggesting a special equipped space for the preparation of the products that are for sale as well as a separate office space. The proposition is concluded with the lighting and color study, which are used in such a way so that they can emphasize certain movements or spots of the space.

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