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Reformation of a beach bar in Agia Marina

Reformation of a beach bar in Agia Marina

The aim of the design is a discreet intervention to the natural ground of the beach, the avoidance of keeping a big difference between the level of the beach and the level of the bar’s functional space and the creation of a regular access for the visitors that are heading from the street towards the beach.

The project’s concept includes two basic characteristics: the creation of a main function where the whole space’s action is gathered and the smooth transfer of the element of the sea out to the street. This is why the bar is placed in the center of the space, while the sitting areas are on the east side and the restaurant placed on a higher level. Permanent wooden roofing is used for the restaurant, the bar and the entrance and some mediate spaces are shaded by sail cloth. The parking area has plants, so that it can offer shade to the vehicles too.

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