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Reformation of a residence in Sirili

Reformation of a residence in Sirili

This project deals with the reuse of an old residence in the settlement of Sirili, municipality of Platanias. The residence consists of two building volumes with a total surface of 183m², in a plot of 265m². The aim of the reformation and reuse proposal is to study carefully the characteristics and possibilities of every space, to improve the substructures and to distribute certain uses to all of the spaces. Another aim is the “flow” of the functions, which are intended to communicate and create an entity with a common morphology.

The protected mediate space between the two buildings is the main axis from where all the movements are distributed to the inside of the spaces but also plays the role of a nodal connective element, ideal for the assembly of the residents on the ground floor. In order to reassure a pleasant indoor communal space on the first floor too, we propose the addition of a new light construction made of metal, glass and wood. The construction is placed between the two buildings (on the south side) and has the use of a living room, accompanied by a kitchen and a small dining area. The living room turns to the view. Its north elevation consists of big openings that open entirely, suspending the limit between the inside and the outside. The reformation of the building is being realized using contemporary methods and materials which are integrated in their environment. Great attention is given to the elevations of the building, which should not diverge from the scale and the character of the settlement. The building made of stone is clearly distinguished as an older one, while the later additions highlight it. There is a special landscape design for the plants and the layout of the outdoor spaces, so that they can be vital.

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