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Residence in Agios Ioannis

Residence in Agios Ioannis

The site lies at Agios Ioannis – Chania. Main goal of this project is the construction of a three-story residence, a house Inside the city that makes you feel that you are Outside in nature. This goal set the basic foundations for a design that lets the sound of rain, the first rays of the sun and the full moon of August inside the house. Because of the small plot size, the circulation between buildings is developed in horizontal and vertical manner via a wooden corridor and three iron staircases.

Stone, metal and glass are used as structural components. These are materials from different ages used by the architectural team in areas reflecting different ages respectively. The stone arrangement of an old, simple architecture house dating back to 1870, today constitutes the reception area of the dwelling. The glass forms the new walls collecting the rays of the sun in the bedrooms and separating the bathrooms, while the metal connects the old with the new by means of bridges. And since nature was our objective, the dining room was placed in the middle of the garden, in a patio which gradually opens up during the summer by means of five glass sheets for each one of the five months, May-June-July-August and September.

The plants chosen are from the Cretan nature as is the locust tree in the dining room casting its shade on the table during the summer months, while the aromatic garden on the first floor releases essential oils in the bedrooms for a light sleep.

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