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Residence in Mires

Residence in Mires

In a plot north of the city of Mires, with views towards the city, we are building a two-storey house with south-west orientation. The relief of the land is in harmonically continued by consecutive hills and is strictly exposed to the perspectives of human and nature. Our aim is to create the feeling of the settlement for the occupant.

The means we use to achieve this are the division of the building in different volumes and their integration into the natural terrain. The materials used in the construction are stone, conventional masonry and the traditional roofs that integrate the building in the settlement. The traditional materials are used in a way that they can express contemporary architecture. Residence’s uses extend to 3 levels. On the ground floor we find the living room, dining room, 2 children bedrooms and a bathroom. On the first floor lies the master bedroom with it’s wardrobe and bathroom and on the basement lies a guest room, a play room  and storing spaces. A powerful ground level composition element is the open fireplace at the center of the space, a place for family gathering as well as a symbol of family unity.

We emphasize on the correlative function of internal and external spaces and the expansion of the residents’ daily life to the outside areas. Large windows are designed, so that we can achieve the annulment of the dwelling‘s limits. Its connection with the overflowing pool, on the second level of the courtyard, gives a sense of sequence and movement.

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