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Residence in Nea Chora

Residence in Nea Chora

The project is situated in an urban plot of a densely populated area of the town, which produces the feeling of living in a neighborhood. The idea of constructing a two-story building containing two residences on ground level and a third on the first floor, came up due to the specialised needs of the occupants, and the relatively small area of the plot.

The construction is divided in two two-storey volumes and through this division it serves the different indoor functions. Contemporary materials are used in this construction, such as concrete, metal and glass. The colors of the facades are vivid and with a contrast between them, so that they define the use of each space. Red color symbolizes privacy while blue-gray color symbolizes the communal spaces. A patio is created on the south-west side of the plot which helps – in spite of its use as a garden – for the ventilation, the lighting and the sustainability of the building in general.

The garden is left in its natural form and the level of the natural ground is maintained with no interventions, thus producing a direct relationship between the road and the inside of the ground floor houses.

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