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Residence in Perivolia

Residence in Perivolia

The study area is located within the village of Perivolia Chania Municipality. The plot has an area of approximately 1 acre and at it’s limits exists a 200 years old settlement. Main goals of this study are to develop a functional two-storey house, so as to serve the needs of the family of four.

The building volume is placed at the back side of the plot, in order to avoid the noise and the visual retreats from the main road and the neighboring buildings towards the residence. The tall wall constructed on the borders of the plot also serves this, offering a feeling of privacy. On the ground floor we place the communal spaces and a guest room, on the first floor there are three bedrooms, while the pitched roof becomes an attic that is used as an office. The escalation of the roof lets a beam of light enter in the house, through an opening that also provides sea view. One of the main characteristics of the house is the design of semi-open air spaces. These spaces follow the inclination of the roof and are well incorporated in the facades, providing at the same time protection from weather conditions. Another important element is the nodal fireplace which connects the living room with the dining room and because of its place and its construction, ensures the heating of the house. The problem of humidity that we faced in the area is solved with the design of openings in opposite positions and with the dense planting of the terrain. Traditional materials that come from the area were used for the construction, such as stone and cypress wood. With the use of these materials, the building becomes more easily integrated in the settlement.

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