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Residence in Vori

Residence in Vori

Our suggestion includes the design of a two-story building in a traditional settlement in Vorri, South Heraclion. The site covers a total area of 980 m2. The project was based on the climatic conditions, the few angles of view and on the natural terrain levels of the building plot.

The building consists of three building volumes, appropriately positioned so that resident will feel that he lives in a small neighborhood. A stone volume emerges independently from the building plot, leaving the remaining two to evolve and rest over it as additions. The house according to the drawing includes a wine cellar and an auxiliary workshop area in the basement, the daily spaces on the ground floor consisting of two sitting rooms for alternative use, one dining room, and the private areas for sleep along with the guest room, while on the first floor there is the work area and a recreation room. The house has an insular character, with normal small openings placed on opposite sides and which combined with the intrusion of the water element inside the house, create a transparency. The materials used are industrial flooring, wood, cement mortar, stone, metal, glass. The frames of the building vary according to the material used next to them, while architectural elements are used with great care, such as the dome and the cupola, which play a sound-audio role in the area.

A selected part of the flat roof is planted so much for bioclimatic reasons as well as for the unification of the plot’s views. The tree planting includes fructiferous, deciduous or other trees in order to provide individual shade for the waiting areas and to produce fruits.

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