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Residence in Voukolies

Residence in Voukolies

The plot is located within the municipal unit of Voukolies, at a point where the dense residential fabric scatters. Thus, the relation with the natural element is prominent. The existence of olive groves and various other crops is typical of the wider region. The plot itself is triangular, adjoining at two of its sides to country roads.

The plot’s features structure the original principles of the whole concept. The new residence is mainly accessible via the road to the northeast of the plot, creating a path that runs through the entire building. On each side of this path, the interior spaces of the building are formed. Vehicle access differentiates from the main pedestrian access and is located north of the plot.

Two stone-built walls, parallel to the axis of the movement described above, are placed on the northeastern side and form the boundary of the building on that side. Two building blocks are placed in front of the stone walls, oriented to the southwest side, in order to create privacy and tranquility. The first block is taller, it comprises an attic, and accommodates the communal areas of the building. The second one is lower and accommodates the residence’s bedrooms. The two blocks are joined together by a third, smaller one, which facilitates mostly secondary uses.

Lightweight structures house the external communal spaces on the open-air areas of the site. The large openings shaped on the building’s surfaces aim to unify the interior with the outdoors and generate a single functional set.

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