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Residence in Vrachokipos

Residence in Vrachokipos

This proposal is about a new residence in Vrahokipos settlement and its concept is based on the peculiarity of the plot’s terrain, which has an intense incline, offering favorable views towards the sea. The plot has a total surface of 510 m² and the new residence an area of 120 m² approximately.

A single volume made of reinforced concrete hosts the greater part of the residence and is placed centrically, on a level which is 3m higher than the street’s level. Its direction and its “move” towards the sea are stated through the design of one big opening to the north and by projecting part of the volume over the ground floor. Another, partly underground and partly ground level volume is designed as a “base” for the first one. It has a façade made of stone. The main residence is developed at the top ground level, covering an area of 99 m2 . Its central volume hosts a unified living room – dinning room – kitchen, a toilet and a bedroom. A second bedroom and bathroom are designed on an extra smaller space, placed 50 cm higher on the west side of the site. The underground part of the residence, which lies at the street level, accommodates secondary use rooms ( storing, electrical-mechanical facilities etc. ). This section of the basement is illuminated by skylights, furthermore an independent bedroom is designed, fully-accessed from the north, ground level entrance area.

The open spaces are peripheral, each one is independent and used according to the use of the indoor space that has access to it. On the east side of the plot, the ground is left free to ascend naturally, unifying the outdoor spaces that are developed on the two basic levels of the residence.

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