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Residence with guest house in Agia Marina

Residence with guest house in Agia Marina

The project area is situated outside Agia Marina settlement, Municipality of Chania. The plot has a total surface of 5.000 m2 and includes woodland of approximately 900 m2. The main challenge of this project is to create a ground floor residence in order to take advantage of  the entire area of the land and the perimetrical favorable view, based on the principles of bioclimatic design.

The residence has a northeast orientation and is developed in a T shape. This creates a breakup of the volumes and allows independency of the uses, better utilization of the space, the natural conditions and the views to the sea. The building consists of a stone built volume which is used as the main entrance and the common spaces of the house (kitchen, dining room, living room). The living room which is on the same level with the swimming pool and is connected with the first one through a glass wall corridor. The glass sheets can be totally open, unifying the outside spaces which are designed on each side. On both north and south side of this volume two more concrete volumes are added, housing the private spaces of this residence that are two bedrooms and a common bathroom for each volume.

Special care is given to the landscape design of the plot, due to its size. The woodland is defined mostly on the east part of the plot. Wild trees and bushes grow there (wild roses, almond trees, blackberries etc.) and free paths are developed, connecting this part with the rest of the plot. On the southwest side, another part is used as a cultivation area. On the south of the main stone building a protected sitting area is formed and another one is designed on the north side. The second one is surrounded by tall trees that offer shadow, protection and cooling. These two sitting areas are on the side of a water lane (of small depth, 30cm approximately), which overflows, connecting to the swimming pool. The swimming pool crosses the stone building and its two end points reach the two guest houses.

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