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Residence with guest house in Chorafakia

Residence with guest house in Chorafakia

The project is being realized in a plot of approximately 6.600 m², which is situated in the outskirts of Chorafakia village. Trying to locate and compose a residence and two small and independent guest houses, we pose from the beginning two basic choices that lead our design: to develop most of the plot’s area, so that it can be used by the residents and to assure favorable views for the developed spaces, taking into consideration the need of incorporating the buildings in the ground relief. The whole residence, with an area of 190 m², is developed in the ground floor.

Its basic axis is parallel to the east side of the plot and is being materialized with the use of walls made of stone, parallel one to another. These walls are connected between them with lighter elements (such as glass or wood) and in this way spaces orientated to the northwest view are created. Appropriate elements are used for the northwest orientation, such as louvers and plants that offer shadow and protect from the wind. More specifically, the whole residence includes a sitting room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, an east bedroom with bathroom (that can also be used as a guest room), an office space and two more bedrooms with bathroom. The last bedroom to the west has a higher level +0.55 from the rest of the house and is a light construction that is placed higher than the natural ground, so that the ground can retain its natural form.

Separate outdoor spaces are provided for all indoor spaces. The distance between the road and the residence leaves the visitor the opportunity to wander in the plot, entering from the road and following a free and planted pedestrian path. The end of the path is a sitting area with a tree and a bench made of stone. From this point, the visitor chooses to head either towards the house’s yard or towards the guest houses. The swimming pool is placed in a nodal position, between the residence and the guest houses and on a level 0.50m lower than the residence.

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