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Residence with guest house in Kato Kalesia

Residence with guest house in Kato Kalesia

Our proposal includes the design of a residence combined with a small, independent guest house. The project begins with the analysis of the plot’s characteristics such as orientation, view, ground relief and even the relation with the settlement in which it is situated.

We choose to design a ground floor residence that is placed in the center of the plot and is developed in the shape of a Π. This shape permits not only the division of the exterior space in smaller private ones that correspond to the uses of the interiors but also the creation of an atrium that becomes the center of the house and collects all of its vital functions. In addition to that, it helps in the creation of luminous spaces with a proper orientation, according to their needs. In the interior we come upon two basic parts. The first one is in a volume made of stone and consists of a sitting room, dining room, a small study room and an independent bedroom. The second one is developed in a Γ shape and consists of an entrance hall, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The part made of stone is designed in such a way that it becomes a reference to the settlement, preserving some of the characteristics of the older stone buildings (openings, stone structure), while the volume made of concrete suggests that this is a contemporary residence that tries to be integrated in the surrounding landscape.

The proposition of taking advantage of the whole plot is intensified by the landscape design, which means that the plants are carefully selected and participate in the design of exterior spaces.

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