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Residence with guest house in Paros

Residence with guest house in Paros

This work concerns the creation of a house and two independent small guest houses at an area of about 8 acres. The proposal is the successful integration of building volumes and individual outdoor configurations on the island of Paros.

We set the location of the building volumes, taking into account the height soil curves and the sightings. The main building mass to the swimming pool and the guest houses are placed based on the main view. In this place, the openings in the north are minimal and so the spaces are protected from the north wind. The existence of successive outdoor areas helps the better circulation of air in enclosed spaces and to create proper lighting. The goal generally is to have autonomy of spaces and an interlocking relationship between the internal and external functions. Each bedroom of the house and the guest houses are independent, with private outdoor space and its own bathroom, fireplace and wardrobe.

Also we introduced the creation of autonomous outdoors sleeping rooms in three different parts of the extensive outdoor: stone walls, which are incorporated with water supplies, electricity and sewage, are able to receive light roofing from wooden elements, reed or cloth and thus creating small makeshift structures in nature. By integrating planting we achieved the desired “isolation” of individual sites as protected acoustically and visually. The choice of plants is done by local flora of Paros so that the area will be fully integrated with the surrounding environment.

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