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Residences and Stores in Souda

Residences and Stores in Souda

In this plot, we were asked to locate six residences (five maisonettes and a small apartment) and three shops.

An important restriction for the design is the maximum height allowed, which is 7.5 m and leads us to the design of many independent two storey buildings, that all have outdoor spaces. The entrance to the shops is mainly from the north-east side, but as far as the angular shop is concerned, we leave a free access from all sides. In front of the north-east road, there is a short-time parking for the vehicles of the people who visit the shops. In the open air spaces of the shops we design sunshades and seats, so that the pedestrians can stop and have a short rest. The access to the residences is made from the north-west, through independent ground floor entrances. On the north-west side we place, similarly to the case of the shops, open air or roofed parking places for the vehicles of the residents.

The five maisonettes have the following composition: the daily communal areas such as the living room, the kitchen, the dining room are on the ground floor (some houses also have a study room), while on the first floor one can find the private spaces of the house, such as the bathrooms and the bedrooms. Additional spaces like a library room, a spa or a barbeque have been designed where it seemed to be necessary for this project. Most of the buildings are constructed with concrete, apart from some differentiated elements (glass, wood, metal), while part of the complex (the ground floor shops) is a metal construction. Finally, a parking place has been predicted for every shop or residence.

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