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Tourist accommodation in Exopoli

Tourist accommodation in Exopoli

Exopolis is a settlement inside the village Kalamitsi Amigdalou and is constructed at 120 meters above sea level, enjoying a panoramic view to Almyros bay. This study’s goal is the design of an independent dwellings group, combined with common areas (cafeteria, restaurant, swimming pool, pool bar, mini market).

The common areas are constructed in a nodal point, in order to be easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. The uses of the restaurant, café-bar, and swimming pool and of the remaining outdoor sports areas are to be blended in order to create a live set of activities. It is also recommended to incorporate alternative areas which could attract the public and could also be used by the residents, such as a flexible lecture – projection room or a small open amphitheater which by exploiting the ground slope could become a stage area.

Based on the recommended site layout and the permissible construction, the total number of dwellings rises to forty. Different dwelling types are recommended, since each one incorporates a different area quality according to the natural ground slope, the orientation and the view of the specific location. As a result, three types of residences have been chosen: of 120m2 (6 residences ), of 80m2 (20 residences ) and of 50m2 (14 residences ). Each one contains: living room, kitchen, WC, one two or three bedrooms (according to type), jacuzzi and storing spaces. 50% of residences include a swimming pool.

The dwellings shall also include common outdoor areas as well as private courtyards. Special attention is given to the study of the connection of the courtyard and the dwelling’s interior and to the discovery of different ways of correlation and function between them. Concerning the choice of the materials, the total harmonization of the public spaces with the natural landscape is pursued. The water element is integrated into the entire building plot and creates courses, passages and rest areas. In combination with the water course, stone line elements appear in the form of separating walls, staircases, rows and sitting areas which conceptually unite the entire building plot. The mild traffic foot-walks are unified with the openings and the squares by the use of the same material.

The plant material that shall be used in each dwelling’s surrounding area shall unify the area and the broader landscape. Thus, mostly local flora species are selected. The planting pattern shall not be strict and studious; on the contrary it shall be freer in order to appear natural. The species are selected according to shape, form, foliage colour and flowering, blooming season as well as according to the aroma in order to create diversity and an interest throughout the seasons. Evergreen and deciduous plants are selected in order to discern season changes. The incorporation of fruit trees is considered necessary in order to meet everyday needs. The area design shall take into account the views (planting that shall bring them out and not obstruct them), the building’s shade needs and the diminution of their scale as well as of individual parts to be used as rest areas, the creation of movement in the area which shall also be pointed out by the plant material. Because of the area’s wetland, the water element is integrated, running through the area and creating focal points, exploiting the ground natural slope in its movement. Planting in those areas is done according to this element, along with the integration of species which highlight the existence of water, such as the plane tree.

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