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Tourist Accommodation in Platanias

Tourist Accommodation in Platanias

Our proposal deals with the development of a plot of about 1400 m² which is situated in the settlement of Platanias, Municipality of Platanias. The plot is located at the first parallel street above the settlement’s main road, very close to it but also near the beach. There is a road both on its south and east side that will serve the access to the future residences. The access to the beach is made easily, through pedestrian streets on the north side of the plot.

Our project includes the design of nine independent residences for sale and of a common open space with a swimming pool which is about to be used by all of them. After a separation, the plot will be divided into two even plots and buildings up to 400 m² will be able to be built inside each one of them. We propose the design of five residences on the ground floor and four on the first floor, each one with an area of 75-80 m². We provide private courts of different uses on the ground floor (bbq, sitting spaces, jacuzzi), while on the first floor we design comfortable outer spaces (terraces and balconies). A parking place is also provided for each house, next to its entrance. Although every residence offers different space qualities we aim to create a common composition in the means of design and function. Each one has a big space that consists of the living room, kitchen and dining room, one bathroom and two bedrooms, one of which is the main bedroom and has a private bathroom inside.

The access to the staircases and the common swimming pool is made through two main entrances, one on the north and one on the east side of the plot. The free space on the west side of the pool is designed using roofs of light construction combined with textile. In this way an easy movement is created around it and the ability to rest in the roofed space is given. We design big openings in the common spaces, so that we can have a functional connection between the inside and the outside, while we aim to offer a private outdoor space to each bedroom.

The plants form part of the landscape design and the exact species and placement is defined, so that they can divide private or common uses between them.

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