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Tourist accommodation in Tavronitis

Tourist accommodation in Tavronitis

Our proposal regards the development of a lot, which has a total surface of 7 acres approximately. The lot is located partly within and partly without the borders of the village of Tauronitis, which is situated in the municipality of Voukolia in Chania. The location of the lot is very privileged, since it borders the beach in the north, having a direct and unhindered view over it, across its whole length.

The project that we are working on includes the development of eight touristic dwellings for rent, as well as a small reception area, reaching the maximum allowable building limit of 700m2 for this lot.  The remaining area will be transformed into private yards for each of the houses, as well as a big outdoors common area, which will include several facilities, such as a bar, a barbeque place and a dining area. The main entrance is located at the south. As the visitor enters, he finds himself into the reception area, which also includes some outdoors sitting areas. To the west one has direct access to the common areas, while to the east there is a parking lot for most of the residences.

We propose the development of houses of various sizes, aiming to provide the future tenants with more options.  The building plan includes: 2 residences with a total surface of 50m2, 4 residences with a total surface of 75m2 and 2 residences with a total surface of 100m2. Although each house will offer certain unique qualities, we aim to a uniform result, both in terms of design and operation. Morphologically, we choose to implement the alternation between stone and plastered walls, the big openings to the common areas and some pergolas, as a protection measure against the sun, depending on the orientation. The 50m2 houses consist of two rooms, one contains the living room, the kitchen and a dining area, while the other is the bedroom, where the bathroom is located as well. The 75m2 houses include a more spacious living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms, one of them being the master, including a bathroom and a wardrobe. The 100m2 houses have separate rooms for the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. They include on bathroom and three bedrooms, one of which at least being the master.

Each house will include a private swimming pool, the size of it being proportional to the surface of each respective house. The design of the pools is part of the transformation of the surrounding areas. Each yard also includes a barbeque and pergolas that offer shadowing to the dining and sitting areas. The design of the yards includes the planting. A precise designation of different kinds of plants and the planting locations are going to be determined according to the orientation and the usage.

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